BrevAll Technologies Disrupts Cybersecurity Industry with New Program

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NORTH RICHLAND HILLS – Reducing financial commitments, increasing security coverage and strengthening systems expertise are among the many advantages of the trending Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CSaaS) model. While CSaaS has typically only been accessible to large-scale businesses, BrevAll Technologies — a leading managed technology services provider — offers the service to the underserved sector of small- and mid-sized businesses.

“From firewalls and antivirus software, to dark web monitoring and phishing prevention, we have a constant eye on our customers’ cybersecurity,” said Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll. “Nobody wants to clean up the mess after a breach, so we work with our clients to ensure they have the right security infrastructure in place to meet the specific needs of their business.”

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BrevAll Technologies Selected to Attend Technology Assurance Group’s Annual Convention

North Richland Hills – February 26, 2018

BrevAll Technologies, a leading managed technology services provider, announced today that the company has been selected to attend Technology Assurance Group’s 18th Annual Convention in San Diego, California on April 28th through May 2nd. TAG is an organization of managed technology services providers (MTSPs) in North America representing $350 million in products and services. The focus of the convention is enhancing the customer experience. An impressive lineup of CEOs, futurists, tech experts, professors, researchers, authors and speakers will share valuable information on this very important theme.

“It is an honor to be selected to attend the industry’s most popular event and share our unique approach to the customer experience with other like minded MTSPs from across North America,” stated Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll Technologies. “We believe we offer creative and innovative solutions and look forward to meeting other leaders in the field where we can share new ideas and successes that enhance the service we provide to our customers. In our industry, there is always change, both in what the customer expects and in the new services that we can offer. This is where the great minds come to meet and vet new technology and service experiences.”

The convention will showcase world renowned customer experiece keynote speakers and authors like Shep Hyken, Dr. Jeane Twenge, and Jason Young. These experts will enlighten attendees on how to amaze every customer everytime, leverage the talents of the millinnial and iGen generations to deliver a phenomenal customer experience, and highlight ways to create a customer centric culture to delelop the ideal customer relationship.

“It’s important for us to always be one step ahead,” reiterated Mr. Enloe. “We consider it our obligation to constantly be educating ourselves and discovering new solutions. That’s why we invest in events like these, they give us great ideas, excellent opportunities to collaborate and it helps us maintain our leadership position in our industry.”

State of the Union for Technology In 2018

State of the Union for Technology In 2018

BrevAll Technologies a leader in managed technology services, announced today that the company sharing its predictions for the future of the technology sector. BrevAll Technologies is preparing business owners for the anticipated technology explosion in 2018. One of the bases for this prediction is the growing number of employed individuals and the omnipresent demand for technology in the modern workplace.

According to CNN Money, “Unemployment inched down to 4.1%” which is the lowest unemployment rate in the last 17 years. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs predicts the unemployment rate to tumble to 3.5% by the end of 2019. The last time unemployment was 3.5% was December 1969, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With more and more tech-savvy Millennials entering the workforce and Baby Boomers retiring, the demand for technology is inevitably on-the-rise. Millennials have been raised with technology as a central part of their environment, and in some cases a central part of their identity, and the progression into the workplace is simply a logical conclusion at this point. “Millennials don’t think of technology as an accessory, in many cases they consider it more important than face-to-face interpersonal skills. There is no doubt that the demand for technological solutions will continue to explode in 2018,” stated Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll Technologies.

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Alerting Businesses About PCI Compliance

cyber credit card payment

We are proud to announce an education plan to advise business owners on the potential risks facing any organization that accepts, stores and utilizes customer credit cards. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to any organization, regardless of size, and it imposes rules on business owners who work with customer credit cards. The intention behind the regulations is to keep customer data secure from breaches; however, businesses that are not in compliance could face up to tens of thousands of dollars in penalties and fines. There are very simple solutions to mitigating these risks, and as fellow business owners, our leadership is sharing these risks and their solutions with the business community in order to keep companies protected from obscene fines.

When accepting sensitive credit card information, businesses need to assess several risks. The first major risk is a disgruntled employee stealing a customer’s credit card and utilizing that information for personal purchases. While these types of infractions are usually caught quickly, especially with the proper monitoring technology in place, customers can be reimbursed for fraudulent purchases. Unfortunately, the damage done to customer trust is often irreparable. The fact of the matter is that customers, who experience a data breach with a merchant, are extremely likely to avoid using that merchant, ever again. In other words, lackluster security measures here could cost a company dearly, not only because of the up-front fines but because of the negative word-of-mouth that usually follows an incident like this. To solve this issue, businesses can follow the comprehensive list of steps laid out in the PCI DSS that explains the measures a business can take to protect themselves from this liability, including actions such as encryption and limited levels of access. “Every single customer we work with is already doing their best to protect customer data; however, they are usually missing key elements that could get them in big trouble,” stated Paul Enloe, CEO of BrevAll Technologies. “Oftentimes we see businesses take customer credit card information over the phone and then write it down so that it can be added to the computer system at a later time. However, one big mistake we’ve been noticing is that businesses are storing customer credit card information for longer than 5 days, which is strictly prohibited by these regulations. This is a perfect example of how business owners with positive intentions, end up paying big fines for being undereducated on these matters,” concluded Enloe.

The greatest risk facing business owners and credit card security is hackers. Their methods are constantly evolving and hackers are always finding new ways to attack businesses, the standards for PCI compliance are always changing as well. “Businesses can go to the PCI Security Standard Council’s website to view a comprehensive list of best practices or if they don’t want to have to comb through all the details, they can call a managed technology services provider, like BrevAll Technologies for example, and they should be able to conduct a PCI network analysis and advise them on a few key areas to pay special attention to,” added Enloe. “If your managed services provider is unaware of PCI compliance, you may want to consider reevaluating your relationship with that provider.”

Protecting Businesses From Cyber Attacks

cyber security

We are certified to provide cybersecurity solutions to SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses) to protect them from the barrage of cyber-attacks that occur every day. Cybercrimes are a serious threat and most businesses cannot afford to become the victim of malware, ransomware, phishing, password attacks, denial-of-service (DOS) attacks or malvertising of any sort for a prolonged period of time. Recent advancements in preventative technology has helped SMBs safeguard themselves from unnecessary attacks, network vulnerabilities and company downtime that can often result from such disruptions.

We have invested heavily in our staff of IT professionals, in order to ensure that everyone is highly trained, highly certified and fully equipped to protect customers from cyber-attacks. “It’s incredibly important to continually invest in our people,” stated Paul Enloe. “When we invest in our technicians’ technical abilities, we are investing in our customers’ safety. This is why we’re constantly watching the technological horizon and educating our team so that when our customers need help, they are working with a world-class expert, not just some person who dabbles in IT.”

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Enhancing Network Performance


BrevAll Technologies a leader in unified communications, announced today that the company will now offer SD-WAN (Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network). SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN (Wide Area Network) by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism. A key application of an SD-WAN is to allow companies to build higher-performance WANs using lower-cost Internet access, enabling businesses to partially or wholly replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS.

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Secure Your Assets, Update Your Surveillance System


Recently, BrevAll Technologies has noticed an upsurge in demand for surveillance systems, in part due to a need for loss mitigation,
and in other instances to control access. An upgraded high definition system can provide higher quality video, audio and images,
which can be accessed on-site or remotely in real time using your smart devices. Closer monitoring and easy access allow for
quicker response times, as well as a reduction in false alarms that don’t require on-site intervention.

BrevAll Technologies, in conjunction with our partners at HikVision, can recommend an IP system that will meet any size undertaking.
Existing systems can be tweaked and updated, or replaced for more efficient cameras that have wider reach, requiring less initial
outlay on hardware. If budget is a constraint, we can recommend efficiencies to your current system, while giving you a plan
on how it can be scaled larger in the future as budget allows.

Modern surveillance equipment provides superior quality images that can be used to litigate cases if there is a need to prove
guilt or innocence, on top of ease of exporting and saving data that is much improved from older systems.
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Helping Businesses Reduce Overhead and Boost Productivity With Remote Workers

Today we announced that we are helping businesses reduce their office expenses and increase productivity by capitalizing on the growing trend of remote workers. As the modern workplace continues to be redefined, we plan to take a proactive approach in educating businesses on the benefits of a remote workforce, as well as the technology to make this transition.

With new technologies making it easier than ever before to work productively from any location, at any time, the number of remote workers has dramatically increased. While some managers are hesitant to embrace this new modern style of workplace, these numbers show no sign of slowing down, especially with the increased presence of millennials in the workplace. However, while millennials are often thought of as the primary generation forcing this workplace shift, studies have shown that that’s not entirely the case.

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WannaCry Ransomware Attack


On May 12th, WannaCry/WCry 2.0 infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, taking the user’s data hostage and demanding bitcoins to release it. We can’t know how many people paid this ransom and whether they were able to get their data back – regardless, that data was compromised. Hackers were mostly likely able to conduct their attacks due to Microsoft Windows vulnerability that was leaked, and through infected email attachments. Before you get too worried – if you are protected by enterprise-level security systems, you are most likely already protected by secure firewalls and anti-virus software.

Brevall works closely together with several firewall and data security partners, including WatchGuard. Their Total Security Suite successfully blocks ransomware threats, protecting customers from losing data, time, and their reputation. While the Gateway AntiVirus (GAV) solution does catch many variants, APT Blocker’s behavior detection will block all current and future repacked WannaCry strains – and the Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) will catch the NSA leaked MS17-010 vulnerability that it uses to spread. Additionally, Threat Detection and Response (TDR) provides the correlated information necessary to detect and remediate WannaCry and future advanced threats! Brevall can sit down and talk to you about the benefits of these solutions, while answering any of your data security questions.

You can learn more about the WannaCry attack from WatchGuard’s CTO, Corey Nachreiner in this Daily Security Byte and his latest blog post on Secplicity. Also, feel free to contact us with any of your questions.

Educating Customers on How to Replace Manufactured Discontinued Phone Systems with Today’s Cloud Technology

Brevall announced today that the company has launched a campaign to educate their existing customers on a dilemma facing many growth-oriented business owners. As technology continues to advance, antiquated phone systems become more obsolete each year. Lack of functionality becomes more pronounced, leaving business owners with outdated equipment that hinders productivity.

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